SMS Gateway
Advanced SMS solution providing WEB UI plus SMPP 3.4, SOAP XML, REST, Simple http/XML APIs for users and applications, SMS collection/sorting (based on short numbers and message parameters), charging and reporting facilities.

Bulk SMS Tool
Web based bulk SMS tool, with charging (pre and post paid) capability and advanced reporting features.

Service Charging Module
Pre-Postpaid charging module for services with flexible charging features (such as user profile, destination, time, day of week, special day, content type, service id), credit provisioning and rezervation, secure credit updates and easy Java APIs.

Service SMS Collector/ SMS2Media
Web based SMS collector tool allowing to filter and sort incoming short messages based on the "service number" and "parameters in the message body". It enables third parties and service providers to display service messages, create sms services for voting, query and lottery services, sms and email forwarding etc.

EIR (Equipment Identity Register)
Carrier grade network node which is used for blocking blacklisted and cloned IMEI's in mobile network. Depending on the status of terminal IMEI (white, black, gray, green), platform returns the appropriate answer to the mobile network prior to the network activities.

The product suite also includes WEB UI for monitoring and querying plus ICT Operation modules, enabling data synchronisation and other communication with CEIR (Central EIR).

MNP Operator Gateway
Operator functionalities for Mobile Number Portability related tasks, including handling of port-in and port-out requests and MNP DB synschronisation.


Big data SEARCH, Analytics and Reporting
An E2E solution designed to provide fast, easy and near real time data search and analytics for companies which have to deal with large amount of legacy/conventional data or big data from various resources.

Its WEB based GUI enables users to define their own data/search filters, run them immediately or save them for future use, modify and schedule for runs in the future.
It delivers search results in various visual formats (such as charts, maps, graphics, dashboards) along with advanced user management and reporting facilities.

Data Prediction
Enables Companies and Telco operators to predict the following by analysing customer profile, behaviour and recent customer events:

prediction of customer churn
prediction of inactive customers
fraud prediction

CDR/Log Parser
Read, sort, re-format and transfer data records or log files.

Very high performance
Equipped with an alarm management (sms and email notifications for unexpected failures or file related problems)
Flexible file read, sort, format and transfer rules.

Mobile Promotions Engine
Collect real time data from mobile terminals to drive contextual marketing promotions.

Campaign Management Tool
Create mobile marketing campaigns using advanced rule engine and statistics. Send offers to a predefined or dynamically created customer lists. Interprete customer returns and react accordingly.